Florida Marketplace Ministry And All Pro Pastors Present: Central Florida Leadership Prayer Breakfast

Men of God:
This is a kingdom opportunity and possibly the last prayer breakfast I’ll ever do considering the times in which we live. *I highly recommend you pray and participate. There will be a single ticket option if you want one that will be a buy one get two so you can invite a lost man. The Lord’s timing is perfect and the Great Commission was for each one of us to participate. Pray and invite someone! We will share the gospel.
Strawberry Festival Grounds Sept 15. Very little of our efforts here on Earth will matter in heaven. Those things done for Christ and by His direction will….opportunity!
Blessings, Dan Shock 813.299.9219 W: Www.FloridaMarketplaceMinistry.com E: FloridaMarketplaceMinistry@gmail.com
 [https://s21aeml01blkbsa02.blob.core.windows.net/emailimages/2021/8/p-KraAopMaVk6j1DJ7cp6lyA/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/a98f7433-f01b-4796-aefd-a7993c8cc474/0ff355e7-eb79-4950-8412-fdd8f116c952.png] <eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/D12C362C-2308-4AF9-8920-A0B4EB9044C5/c>
August 3, 2021
Dear Dan,
I would ask that you pray for our upcoming Leadership Prayer Breakfast<eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/2BD00E93-CDDD-44C8-ACD7-6329CC123DB1/c> on September 15th.
This will be very much like the ones we had with Coach Joe Gibbs, Heisman Winner Danny Weurfel, All Star Darrel Strawberry and others over the years.
This year we are honored to have two highly successful leaders who have been in the battlefield of life unlike most and God brought them both through the valley of death many times.
Lt. General Jerry Boykin (Ret.)<eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/6EAF011D-8966-4FEC-8E53-C50765BD15F3/c> and former crack addict and now CEO, Mike Lindell (My Pillow)<eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/DDCE404C-6E27-4EC3-B918-19F9677579B8/c> both will be sharing their amazing stories.
Our emphasis is on presenting a powerful gospel message to many who are not followers of Christ but who would come to listen to compelling notable speakers.
We expect many decisions for Christ and re-commitments that morning!
This is why we ask you to be in serious prayer for God to move and that many needing a personal relationship with God will join us that day!
We also need at least 20 Pastors there who could use a few good men added to their flock. Our ministry team will do a follow-up based on the decision cards filled out and these will be dispersed according to church affiliation identified and who invited them to attend.
This traditionally is a great way for pastors/churches to get men who won’t come to church to come hear the word. Which is exactly why we are doing this, to bring the lost to Jesus.
Pastor, if you need a boost to your men and a jump start because of these past few months, this is your opportunity.
Again, please pray with us that God will be glorified by this effort and many will come to Christ, families strengthened, marriages saved and lives transformed.
Our flyer has all the details and can be printed or sent out as desired – Link for Flyer<eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/5380BD83-801B-444C-AE98-1B3328D3FCF1/c>.
Feel free to contact me directly<mailto:champions@allpropastors.org?subject=Lindell-Boykin%20Event> if you need to.
We are praying for you.
Blessings Paul and Linda<eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/05435796-FCF8-46C8-9C52-2A6C9AD9DA5D/c> [https://s21aeml01blkbsa02.blob.core.windows.net/emailimages/2021/8/p-KraAopMaVk6j1DJ7cp6lyA/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/a98f7433-f01b-4796-aefd-a7993c8cc474/c6ac08b8-6012-4a64-bf8f-6cec06b6631c.png] <eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/039D9E4C-4551-4F97-9EFD-8A57587F3A22/c> Mobile APP-Events & International News <eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/EECE321A-BD45-4240-AC2C-381A29E7A71B/c> [Connect with Us] <eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/FDB00A70-28B4-4B93-80BA-BBF1E6219E4F/c> Connect with Us <eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/609778D8-E330-4F13-83DE-FF604269C679/c> [Giving You Encouragement] <eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/150C5465-21B1-4128-A07E-451B08BA345F/c> Giving You Encouragement <eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/14AF3A18-6A83-4AC5-9F58-FF3CE2A5725E/c>
Leadership Breakfast QUICK LINKS
General Information<eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/82429BB6-AEE6-4FFC-A6BF-7C123D18D425/c> Event Flyer<eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/4FAB3270-35C6-4415-A54D-F1B0E1EC2BC4/c> Table Sponsor<eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/4B6C4628-BE61-4AA6-B6F6-E8C968FA2F89/c> Privacy Policy<eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/F99CAA87-1C31-4178-B2EC-0FA9283E8063/c> | Unsubscribe<eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/oo> All Pro Pastors Intl<eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/l/3DE10F23-00E6-4635-B7BF-8768B19E94E9/c> A ‘Pastor-to-Pastor’ Ministry Founded in 2007 [https://eml-pusa01.app.blackbaud.net/intv2/j/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB/r/BF582147-3612-429E-BC21-078619EB18AB_3da357b3-69bd-4df7-9d79-3a5185cad223/o]

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