Cleansed and Restored

Cleansed and Restored
Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “This shall be the law of the leper for the day of his cleansing…” —Leviticus 14: 1-2
Despite all of our advancements in science and medicine, there is no known human cure for leprosy. It can now be arrested, but not cured. The disease spreads through the body by a rotting process—first it destroys the nerves; gradually it spreads until it hits a vital part of the body and kills. And so it is with sin—it attacks the spirit’s nerve system so that you are being destroyed without even realizing it. One tolerated area of sin will spread until it blights your whole life—yet you’re unconscious of what it is doing to you.
Why would God establish a law for the leper in the day of his cleansing when leprosy is incurable? It indicates that God has left the door open that He might do a sovereign work of grace which lepers could never do for themselves.
**Just as there is no human cure for leprosy, there is no human cure for sin.
But God has provided cleansing through Jesus Christ. The blood of Jesus, God’s Son, cleanses a man from all sin.
“For sin shall not have dominion over you” (Romans 6: 14). I don’t need to be ruled by it anymore. I am no longer subject to sin because of the power given to me through Jesus Christ—I have been cleansed, washed, and restored. And now I can have fellowship with God.
Father, we thank You that the coming of Your Son has brought the power of the Spirit, which enables us to live a life freed from the bondage of sin and corruption. Lord, we rejoice and we agree with David: “Oh how blessed is the man whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered!” Amen.

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